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Categories Presentations
Created by Alex B
Created on Jan 22, 2020

Aha Presentation Approvals

Need a way to set up approvals for a specific presentation.

E.g. we have a number of reports that we’re pulling into our Release Plan for 2020Q1 we’d like a group of stakeholders to sign off on the entire plan (e.g. Aha presentation).

I'm sure users would find this useful with other Presentations.

    Jan 23, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this idea! It is possible to add an ad-hoc approval to a presentation. You can do this by selecting the presentation, toggling the view to grid view, and adding an approval in the to-do section. See attached. The approval can be assigned to any user who is a collaborator on the presentation. We hope this helps! Let us know if you need any assistance at

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