Auto layout in starter roadmap

The Starter Roadmap is a fantastic tool for quickly inputting and organizing goals, initiatives, releases, features, and overall plans. Depending on how complex one's roadmap is, however, manually having to vertically organize and re-sort these items can be tedious. If the vertical organization of these various Aha! entities could be automatically layed out based on either preset or customizable sorting schemes it would be extremely useful.

For example, if I could click a button and have all visible items within my starter roadmap automatically ordered (top to bottom) by goal, initiative, release it would save me a ton of time by making it so I didn't need to drag all these items up and down to get them all collected together and looking organized for presentation for our stakeholders. Any kind of preset layout would be a time saver.

  • Sam Richards
  • Aug 29 2018
  • Future consideration
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