A stacked release or initiative roadmap view with dependencies on the same line as the release/initiative

A roadmap view that has each release on one line with the milestones also on that same line and that shows lines connecting milestones BETWEEN the releases/initiatives. The key here is in one view.

All on one line is needed for a collapsed view across all releases/initiatives so that we can show them stacked on a single view. It’s a simplified view that conveys a lot of information in one glance – tailored for the executive audience.

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  • May 12 2017
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  • Andy Chiang commented
    16 Mar 06:26

    It would be great to define dependencies between initiatives in the same way that you can between features.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    16 Mar 14:11

    Hi Andy, it is currently possible to add dependencies between initiatives. You can do this two ways. Either by clicking and dragging the gray dot behind an initiative on the Strategy roadmap or by clicking the More options icon -> Link to another record from the Initiative details. 

  • Andy Chiang commented
    16 Mar 16:33

    Is there a way to define and show dependencies on the Starter Roadmap? I like this roadmap view because you can put initiatives in a line which makes viewing much easier.