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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created on Dec 10, 2014

Inherit Vision, Goals and initatives from other product lines

When initially setting up Aha it would be great to be able to have a Strategy for the Firm and then inherit and modify each of the elements by product line and product.  This way you can cascade and align objectives easily.   Vision, Goals, and initiatives should all be able to be inherited from the "firm/company" level.

    Feb 19, 2016

    We recently launched the ability to roll goals and initiatives up to any level of your product hierarchy. For organizations with a multi-tier product structure, this allows you to link product goals and initiatives to those at the corporate level. This makes it easy to ensure that product and corporate strategy is in sync.

    We believe that it is important for each tier of the product hierarchy to have its own vision, goals and initiatives as this is what will keep the team focused on what is most important for each respective group.

    The recently launched capabilities continue to bring the strategic priorities in place across the entire organization.

    Based on the above rationale and current priorities, we are unlikely to make revisions in this area based on the request. We hope you can understand.

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  • Ryan Johnson
    Sep 28, 2020

    Having the option would help, while i agree Product vs Product line is different there are times where its not.

  • Guest
    Jan 12, 2018

    I hope you will reconsider. I desire the ability to automate and consistently enforce firm level strategic priorities down through the product hierarchy.

  • Cameron O'Rourke
    Sep 20, 2015

    I don't think this is a good idea. Goals at the product line level are different from goals at the product level. If anything, I think that it might be useful if we went the other way: product goals and initiatives would roll-up to the product line to get a consolidated view. Either way, it should be an option, not hard-wired.

  • Guest
    May 18, 2015

    Would also be useful if something like this could enable copying/pasting between products. Sometimes we decide to break a product up into a product line and other times in the reverse. This would avoid the need to manually copy things around when doing this.

  • Drew Gonczi
    Feb 23, 2015

    Should DEFAULT to inheriting from immediate parent.

    Reset option - Reset to Aha Defaults, or Select a Parent from which strategy elements should be inherited.


Initiatives should be inherited through the product hierarchy

It should be unnecessary to rewrite initiatives on every level of the product line/ product hierachy. An initiative on a product line or business unit should be inherited down to all products below
Øyvind Standal almost 9 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement