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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Dec 26, 2016

Allow scorecards to be inherited from the product line

We have a lot of sub-products in our company, but we'd like to use the same general scorecard, linked to our general product goals, for all of them. It seems that currently scorecards need to be configured for each and every product, which isn't extremely practical. Could there be a way to have Products inherit their Scorecard from their Product Line?

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  • Matt Case
    Apr 19, 2017

    Just an FYI on this request for clarity purposes, it is correct in that you do need to link the desired scorecard you want to use to each individual product in the Settings -> Product -> Configure screen. However, you are not required to create a separate scorecard for each product. In essence, let's say that you have Product Line 123 which consists of products A, B, and C and you want each product to use the same scorecard called "RICE Scorecard". You create the single scorecard named "Rice Scorecard". You then need to go to the Settings -> Product -> Configure screen for Products A, B, and C individually and select the "RICE Scorecard" from the dropdown. This may have already been understood and I see the value of being able to assign at the product line level and have scorecards be inherited at the product level. But, in reading the request, it sounded like the understanding may have been that you need to create a separate scorecard for each product which is not the case.  


Allow Features scorecards to be inherited from the parent line settings

Currently scorecards cannot be applied to features from the Product Line level down. If the scorecard selection were part of the Feature layout, then you could apply a custom layout with the corresponding Score field and it would inherit from the ...
Shawna Wilson about 3 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Create ability to apply scorecards to multiple products, both the features and ideas at once.

If I update or add an additional scorecard it takes a significant amount of time to apply that score card to all products. It is very tedious work and I have to apply the score card to both ideas and features under the product.
Guest about 7 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration