Allow for mapping to-dos in Asana integration

In some cases, Asana sub-tasks are more closely related to Aha! to-dos than requirements. For example, a feature may have to-dos related to marketing tasks which need to sync with Asana.

An option to map To-dos to Tasks or Subtask would provide a more appropriate mapping for these cases.

  • Austin Merritt
  • Jun 12 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Jeff Shood commented
    June 13, 2018 00:12

    Definitely agree, this was our primary use case for Aha! <> Asana Sync. We would keep the development tasks in Jira as requirements and features and the business tasks in Asana, syncing those as tasks to an initiative , feature or master feature

  • Monica Zhao commented
    June 14, 2018 06:00

    The current comments in Aha feature cannot be send to Asana comments. Can someone fix it? 

  • Ryan Johnson commented
    05 Mar 20:18

    I agree with this comment. We use Asana as more of a task manager (things people need to do), and thus it would be awesome to have Aha! to dos-mappable to an Asana page for tasks. example would be when I am in Aha!, I am thinking and working strictly on road-maps and requirements as a product manager (in my case). However, I use asana for my every day every topic task management tool, and also from a project management perspective with other team members. It would be nice that if I am in Aha! and in the specific mindset, I could create to-dos related to the content I am working on in there, and then have them show up in Asana assigned to me on the day I said I wanted to do them. In this way we have ability for requirements management and pass to JIRA / VSTS, and business / task management to pass to another tool. Thanks!