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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by I R
Created on May 1, 2023

Allow Mapping of Requirement Type from Jira to Aha!

Presently, you can map types for items at the Feature level and this syncs between Jira and Aha! without issue if the item type changes in Jira; However, the issue that we are facing is that because there's no mapping between Jira and Aha! for requirement types, when we create a "task" with "sub-tasks" and user story is our default requirement type. Items will always push to Jira as user story when pushing over their parent feature, even if it's a task.

Then, when we bulk change those items in Jira (tedious to have to do every time), those type changes don't then reflect in Aha! like they do with items at the feature level that have those explicit type mappings.

Please implement the ability to map type at the requirement level explicitly as well.

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