Allow to define a default release for new Features

We create a lot of features via the New Feature dialog. All these features are assigned to the Parking Lot release. Aha uses the first real release in the list as selected default entry.

It would be much better, if we could configure, which release should be the default, e.g. the parking lot, so that it is not necessary to select a different release all the time.

  • Alexander Vukovic
  • Jan 18 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Simone Maggioni commented
    November 19, 2018 16:53

    Yes. It would be very useful.

  • Beth Skillin commented
    23 Jan 05:06

    This would be incredibly helpful for me! I often forget to change the release when creating a new feature.

  • Tom Gimpel commented
    04 Feb 20:08

    +1 for this. I'm really surprised this isn't an option particularly when the parking lot (i.e. backlog) exists. Adding work to an actual release should be a conscious act. It'd be very rare in our world (and I think elsewhere) that a newly added feature would automatically make it into the next release. 

  • John LeMaitre commented
    04 Feb 21:00

    I'm shocked that this feature doesn't exist already. This would be a great feature to have in order to help facilitate and manage cause not everything can be committed and like most organizations, there is more work to do then can handled at one time.