Filter Portfolio Roadmap Report

I have put my homepage to be the portfolio roadmap report. The screen grab below shows the product releases for Aha! with multiple product lines rolling up to the company level. At the Sandbox and Technology level you can see three master releases (I have used the yellow highlight to try and highlight them).

It will good if there was a fourth drop down near to “Choose Products”, “Views” & “Export” than is called “Filter” or something like that. From there, you can choose to toggle master releases and releases on or off. The result is should I just wish to see the master releases (programme and portfolio level reporting) I can do. The view this report is welcomed, the clutter of having the non-master releases not so much. As a result, having the flexibility to toggle which ones you can see will hopefully be a simple solution to an effective method of communication.

  • Project Parker
  • Oct 31 2017
  • Likely to implement
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