Rerank feature board by any feature attribute

Currently the options by which you can rerank the Feature Board are fixed to a set number of attributes.

I would often like to rerank the Features in my releases by date (start on/due) or even a Feature custom field.

It would be great if the Feature Board could be re-ranked by any feature attribute that is available within the system.

  • Justin Woods
  • Oct 5 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Soren Hansen commented
    11 Feb 13:44

    I fully agree with this, the ability to rerank based on a custom field would allow you to prioritize your features by typing a number, rather than by dragging which a) is cumbersome when working with a release with many features and b) can easily happen by accident, and difficult to detect.

    Further to reranking based on any field available, it should also be possible to decide whether you wish to sort ascending or descending - if I want to sort by a custom field, I may want to sort the smallest number on top, or if I use a date I may want to see the oldest feature on top.

  • Joe Carpenter commented
    27 Mar 20:41

    Just being able to rank by default system fields (like Due Date) would be helpful