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Created on Aug 23, 2017

Cumulative Flow Diagram Report

Would it be possible to support cumulative flow diagrams in aha!  I have currently created a version in Excel, using data exported from aha! to enable me to do this, however, it would be far more convenient and less labour intensive to have this available in aha!.

CFDs enable us to see the trends and bottlenecks through the full software development cycle.  I've attached an example for reference.  An article with more detail is available here:


The input data I am using is between a stated time period, what was the count of features/business outcomes in each status.  I am using the date status transitioned fields for this.

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  • Jason Gillmore
    Mar 8, 2022

    I need this functionality as well. My use case is for Ideas but the ask is the same: I want to see trending/cumulative info over time (snapshots in time) charted to visualize trends, especially where we are falling behind/losing ground in our ability to process ideas from Needs review to In process and Needs review to Completed (trending lead-time and trending cycle-time). These are common lean agile kanban health metrics.

  • Danny Grigsby
    Aug 26, 2021

    This would also be very helpful for us... there are several use cases we have to visualize accumulation flow especially in areas of backlog. Please consider adding this in as a function of the existing chart capability soon!

  • Pamela Thomas
    Jul 15, 2020

    Attached is a simple To-Do that I'm doing as well. No API for this one. Just doing it by hand.

  • Pamela Thomas
    Jul 15, 2020

    I'm exporting to excel to create the cumulative chart a well. And I'm learning to create an API for that excel so I don't have to copy paste all the time....

    Would be nice to just has as an option in Reports.

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