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Created on Aug 3, 2017

Hide or Remove name/date stamp on Strategic Report Initiative Comments

On the Strategic Report - when you add the initiatives comments column, the system displays the Initiative Name, User Name and Date prior to the actual comment, which clutters up the report.  I'd like that to not display - and only the actual comments display - as I want to use this report for my executive group.

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  • Frank Fuchs
    Aug 25, 2020

    Much like the the "Legend" setting on view, turns off the legend on the bottom of a chart. It could also turn off the Name and Date stamp on a comment.


    Be intuitive. If the data selection is comments then maybe name and dates are appropriate. but it the data is "Last comment" than History and Person is not important and can be removed.

    Bottom Line: If I use the Name for a To-Do and Description to give the user guidance on what is expected, then comment is where I can track status description.

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