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Created by Frank Fuchs
Created on Nov 18, 2020

Feature Comments - most recent without Name and Date

Most recent comments are helpful in reporting status, However it my not be important who made the comment and when. If you add a new field selection without the Name and Date I can produce a cleaner, more meaningful reports. Also the last comment and can be used to describe a feature status, like blocked. But for management reports I am less concerned with who and when. If I am displaying 15 statuses the dual line behavior runs the report off the page. Without it it fits nicely on the slide. To achieve the same result I have been cannibalizing my description field, which was originally instruction on what to do, and now lost due to necessity .

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  • Frank Fuchs
    May 6, 2021

    We are release a major release and using almost every element in out template. Now the slide is UN-readable because the last comment shows name and time stamp. Can we please have a Last comment ONLY field so each element only uses 1 line instead of 2?