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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 22, 2014

Bulk Update Presentation Web Pages

We use the presentation as our tools to communicate with clients our roadmap and details on features and ideas which are of interest to them. Each client has their own presentation and we also have a generic public one. When we update features, ideas and the roadmap, we want to make sure each of the client's presentation are up to date.

The usual workflow is a) update product roadmap/features/etc and then b) update presentation. With a lot of presentation, step b can be a bit cumbersome. Adding a 'bulk update' or 'update all' feature to the presentations screen would be quite helpful here.

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  • Dan Pohlman
    Feb 14, 2019

    The usage of live view especially when mockups are part of the notebook causes them to load slowly.  This would help us solve the problem with slow loading caused by live view and at the same time ensure customers see the latest roadmaps across all our various products.

  • Max Cascone
    Jun 9, 2017

    Not sure the Admin response is correct here. The OP wants a way to update multiple notebooks, all at once. 

    OP could set the notebooks to "Live View", which updates automatically when any of the source data changes. But, they may not want that; they may want to update their published notebooks only when appropriate.

  • Lauren
    Nov 5, 2014

    I agree, I submitted the following suggestions via support, which I feel are related to this idea.  If this is more suitable as a separate idea, just let me know.

    We really like the feature details view in the app, with the tabs down the left hand side. I often wish I could just share that view with the client, because it still gives you the context that the feature you are looking at belongs to a bigger picture. I use the roadmap view as an initial view to try to paint this picture now. If not that idea, perhaps it would be helpful to "add all" features in a release to a notebook. I realize that could pose some UX design challenges, because there are no other "add all" buttons. Maybe worth noting: I usually have to go back and forth between the notebook and the feature details view 2-3 times to count and make sure I got all of them in the right order.