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Created on Oct 21, 2014

review updates to strategy

When working with the Strategy components or Product overview, I often want to make tentative adjustments to critical bits but am afraid either somebody will notice and be confused or unhappy, or nobody will notice. With a distributed team focused on different parts of the portfolio we don't regularly have meetings to discuss the strategy-level stuff, so it would be really helpful to be able to call attention to specific phrases or sections of those pages that we'd like feedback or discussion on.

That could take an explicit action or tag (with notifications or just visual cues on the page), or just some text formatting to call attention from people who are already looking at the page. Some of these fields don't allow formatted text, so I can't highlight and ask my colleagues to comment on the highlighted stuff.

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  • Ron Yang
    Sep 25, 2015

    Have you seen the "History" feature within many of the text editors within Aha!?

    By clicking this, you would be able to review history for that section to get a better idea of the changes made (and when they have been made). 

    Another option to use in conjunction with this would be to @ mention your colleagues to tell them of the changes made. Would this help?