Allow to-dos to be reordered

Hi Support team,

You probably know we are loving your tool, as we are using every day. We like the option of reordering the requirements attached to a feature, it helps a lot with prioritisation.

We like it so much we would like to get the same option (reordering) for Tasks and Initiatives - the little cross that allow us to move a record up or down in the list.

Is that something on your roadmap? something that could potentially be delivered?

Many thanks for your feedback on this,

Have a great week!
  • Suzanne Vaughan
  • Oct 13 2014
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  • Guest commented
    January 22, 2015 03:31

    FYI - Tasks have been relabeled and are now called "To-Dos"

  • Admin
    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    January 22, 2015 03:35

    Thanks! I updated it. :) 

    BTW -- Initiatives can already be reordered.