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Status Future consideration
Categories Notes
Created by Luke Walker
Created on Oct 14, 2021

Create to-do items inline in a note

I want to be able to create to-do items within a note, and have it then mirrored and collated in the to-do module below.

Feels like the to-do module is a bolt-on and I have to go out of my way to use it, which is sad because the reminder system & emails are quite powerful.

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Quick add items while in Notes

In addition to your great ability to reference anything in Aha in a note with the "#", it would be great to be able to quick add an item in the note, ala Confluence. With Notes, you have a leg up on the Roadmunks, ProductBoards, etc. of the world,...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Notes / Presentations 3 Future consideration

Create To do from Note

We add our meeting minutes in Notes and it would be good to create to-dos straight from notes (similar concept to @ and #)
Guest over 7 years ago in To-dos 2 Future consideration