Initiative list view only show next action

On the list view it would be really useful when listing initiatives to be able to show only the next to-do action (with date, assignee, name).  Currently adding the to-do to the initiative creates a line for each to-do.  Filtering by the dates does not work as if an initiative does not have a to-do within the same timescale then it disappears entirely.

What we are looking for is a list that shows the following columns with a filter of To-do status of Pending:

Product Name
Initiative Name
Initiative Status
Next To-do Name
Next To-do Date
Next To-do Assignee

This then clearly shows the status of the initiative and who the next action is with.  Ideally the date would actually go red if it is in the past

  • John Biltcliffe
  • Mar 17 2017
  • Likely to implement
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