Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Eric Sullender
Created on Mar 3, 2017

Work remaining estimates for releases on show 'committed' items

For capacity planning it would be very helpful if, for a given release, we had some way to indicate which features or requirements were committed to and base the work remaining and capacity limits off of that value.

Right now, the 'work remaining' shows the sum of ALL estimates in the release.  So, if a feature has 5 requirements that all have estimates and 3 are 'under consideration' or 'will not implement' and 2 are 'in progress' I would expect the work remaining to be just those that are 'in progress'. Otherwise, I would want some way to indicate that a given feature or requirement is committed to and have a separate roll-up of 'currently committed' effort 

Our goal is to have Aha to properly indicate the work that has been committed to for a given sprint. We do this by marking sprint commitments as 'in progress' during each sprint planning.


    Mar 24, 2017

    Thank you for the idea. Many customers use capacity planning to make decisions about features which are still under consideration, so removing them from the calculation would change it such that this is no longer possible. Currently, marking a feature Will not implement will remove it's estimate from the Work remaining, so you are able to show an accurate reflection of capacity as you make decisions not to work on items -- either by moving them out of a release or marking them as Will not implement. 

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