Updating of Feature dates should automatically adjust dates of features with downstream dependencies


This comes from a project management use case where a team manages a set of activities/tasks through Features for a project and the activities have a very sequential delivery with fixed offsets between each activity. The plan starts off with loosely defined dates and dependencies between each activity. For example, Activity 2's due date will always need to be offset to complete 2 weeks after the scheduled due date of Activity 1. As the Activity 1 due date is solidified and updated (pushed out a week), the desire is that the week 2 activity would automatically push out by the 1 week to maintain the desired 2 week offset in due dates. 

These dependency relationships will be maintained IF you modify the dates via drag/drop/stretching on the Releases -> Overview/Roadmap page. However, if you instead modify the dates in the drawer page, it will not shift the downstream dependency activities/features. Instead, any violations of the Finish/Start dependency relationship are highlighted in Red but all downstream Features/Activities maintain their previous dates. . 

Desired behavior: Ability/option to have the downstream activities/features start on and due on dates to adjust when modified in the drawer page. Admittedly, I can see where you might not want date changes to automatically push out downstream dependencies as you may want to instead view the changes and collaborate on them as a team to decide whether you want to push things out, reduce scope, etc. However, in some instances when you have a team managing a very large number of projects, they want to be able to automate as many processes as possible and minimize manual rework. Having the option to make automate these dependency related dates regardless of modifying in the Releases Overview/Roadmap views or in a drawer page would be ideal.

  • Matt Case
  • Feb 16 2017
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  • Peter Makover commented
    26 Jan 14:03

    I agree this is a current limitation and frustration since the app is inconsistently applying dependency rules.  If you set dependencies and use the Release Overview view to extend feature durations and/or dates, any dependent feature is automated moved out as you would expect (as described in original post here).  But if you make the same update in a list view, those automated rules don't get triggered, making the app inconsistent.  Doesn't seem right that the view dictates the business logic applied.  Our project teams often like to use the Feature List view in planning/status meetings since you can view more information and do bulk updates.  We often need to adjust dates and durations as part of this but since the dependent dates do not adjust automatically, we are forced to go into the Release Overview screen to make adjustments and see the downstream impact of our decisions - make it pretty disjointed right now.