Merge / Remove Tag Values

I added a multiple choice tag custom field to the project, for names of R&D Owners for each feature.

I thought our users (PM's) would use it carefully and would enter the names of Scrum Masters correct and only once.

I ended up with having 2-4 different versions for each scrum master.

In order to fix that, i tried editing (as admin) the tag values.

I could rename the different tags, so all John Smith variants would be named John Smith, but I still have multiple choices with same value on each feature.

A feature that allows you to merge some tags would be nice...

Or convert the tags into drop box...

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  • Oct 1 2014
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    Ron Yang commented
    October 30, 2015 01:02

    This is possible today by going to Account -> Configure tags

    From this screen, you can Edit tags, as well as replace existing tags to merge them together.

  • Guest commented
    June 08, 2016 21:56

    @Ron, can you provide an example? Renaming a tag to an existing tag does not appear to logically merge them, it just creates two different options with identical names.

  • Anatoly Kharitonov commented
    December 14, 2016 16:39

    It seems to be working only for 'OOB' tag field. Custom tag fields do not support this.