History for Reports

We use reports often to tailor Aha data for different audiences. Recently, those audiences have been looking for summaries of how the data in that specific view has changed over time. 

The changes can be pieced together manually by looking through the /audits section or manually reviewing the History of each individual Feature or Requirement in the report. We haven't found a way to make either of these practically feasible.

This idea is to bring History to reports, so that from the Report itself, there could be a way to access a History view just like the one for Releases, Features, requirements, etc; but showing all changes to the data captured in the report.

Ideally this History would be accessible to all roles, but if it needs to be limited to Product Owners and Contributors, then I'd request that it be exportable so that there's a way to share a summary of changes with stakeholders.

  • Zach Rose
  • Jan 12 2017
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  • Alan Foster commented
    December 20, 2017 07:59

    totally support the need for this 

  • Susan Roberts commented
    02 Apr 16:38

    There isn't a way to "lock" something so that it can't be changed, so this would be invaluable. Sometimes we have differing opinions with dev or other stakeholders on what was agreed and what wasn't, or whether what is currently in Aha is the same as what was agreed to. I spent about 3 hours culling through history reports of about 50 epics so I could demonstrate that the epics entered/emailed via xls were the same as what was already there. Being able to print/export history wouldn't have complete solved this problem, but it might have taken only 1 hours effort instead of 3.

  • Tammy Connell commented
    06 Aug 13:03

    Our company would really benefit from this feature!

  • Evan Sanders commented
    09 Aug 22:46

    This would be really helpful to enable things like a cumulative value flow for features.  We could show how long features are in different stages, to track the flow from market research to market value.  

  • Matt Seitz commented
    27 Sep 04:22

    As a a first step, a simplified version of this could be a "blame" report.  Rather than listing all changes to each field, just list the most recent change for each field:  old value, new value, who made the change, date the change was made.  That would address most of my use cases.