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We would like to have the ability to generate a high level report that will automatically display all the changes that have happened on our Aha! Ideas portal since the last reporting period.  

Currently, Aha! Ideas allows us and is pretty effective at generating reports with various filters, however, the content is always based on the specific period the report is run.  You essentially get a static view of the state of the ideas during that period. 

For some filters it is easier than others to track what has changed from period to period.  But for other items, you have to consult the previous period's report and look at differences.


It would be good if Aha! ideas provided a high level dashboard that can show, everything that has changed since the last period (the period being a data range that can be customized).  


Hope this makes sense.



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  • Feb 3 2020
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  • Phil Jones commented
    07 Feb 15:48

    We are moving away from a CRM based change request system which was very hard to update effectively to Aha! Ideas portal to be able to show customers what has moved  since the last user group would be a real boon to help promote it's use and better initial customer engagement.