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Created on Oct 19, 2016

Team Roadmap view

It would be very helpful to have a view like the Release Roadmap but have the rows be Team member lanes showing Features that are assigned to them, and not in a flowdown gantt chart, but as a single track per team member. This would be very helpful to find out where team members are overscoped or burdened, and also allows the Product team to start to organize the order of future feature development depending on the team resources.

See attached mockup

Or even better, have an entire Team section at the top level right next to Prodict, Strategy, Releases, Ideas, Features etc, that way there could be a Team Details page where additional information could be added about specific team members, products they work on, technical specialties etc.

    Oct 19, 2016

    This can be achieved through the Reports-> Timeline page. From this page, click on Example Timelines and select the "Features by assignee" report.

    This allows you to see everything assigned to specific team members, in a similar way to your mockup. You can then customize this chart with additional details (such as status).

    The Features Workflow page is also helpful to understand the amount of work assigned to each person. If you haven't already, you can activate this page by going to Settings-> Product -> Navigation.

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  • Guest
    Oct 19, 2016

    This would be even more impactful with a two-way Jira integration so the Product team can visualize the schedule for Epic development work, which is very frustrating in Jira