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Created on Sep 2, 2016

Make global changes to the business model canvas

We want all our product owners to be able to use a single default template for the business model canvas when they set up their new products. it would be nice for this to be another thing that we can configure in the settings menu for either a product line or for our whole account.

Release time frame 1 month
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  • Paul Edge
    Apr 4, 2018

    Just adding my voice here. At my current company we have dozens of "products" in Aha and reconfiguring the canvas view every single time is a huge pain. it's caused some teams to shift to using Strategyzer's own web tool at $299/project/year which also has the VPC in it too. We end up recombining content in Confluence including building our own Confluence macro that talks to the Aha API all to work around this and other challenges in Aha.

  • Guest
    Feb 22, 2018

    My team needs this both for Business Model as well as Vision.

  • Blake Pritchard
    Dec 28, 2017

    Yes we are needing this functionality greatly for our product line. We have several products and need to be able to easily copy components we have created to other products or choose from custom business model templates. Manually creating components for each product slows down efficiency.   

  • Guest
    Aug 18, 2017

    The sooner the better for this functionality!  Not a huge fan of having to chose between re-creating our canvas every time or changing our business practices to fit the default in Aha!

  • Rob Looijmans
    May 16, 2017

    Agree, I would find this functionality very useful. For instance, when you get the option 'Add business model' you should be able to add a number of business models by selecting from a list and having your favorite as 'default'. Ones created by yourself or by the community can be used for the list.

    At the moment it is possible to Export your business model, however not possible to import one (or not to my knowledge). I am just getting started with the software and importing all products. Manually changing all business models (even though changing the tiles of the model works very well) is somewhat time consuming.

    This functionality can also be used for the Vision page (maybe to create a McKinsey 7S model, SWOT, etc). Again I am just exploring the fine software but the ability to import multiple (user generated) strategy templates would be very useful.

  • Mark Petty
    Feb 27, 2017

    We should be able to do the following things with the Business Model Canvas:

    1. Copy them over to another product.
    2. Template or set up defaults  as per personas and competitors in Accounts | Configure | Custom Fields / Custom Layouts
    3.  Access the data in from the reports. I'd love to be able to see a list like:
      Product Name | Logo | Value Proposition | Pricing | Next Release | Next Release Date
    4. Load in data from elsewhere via API or spreadsheet.
    5. Reference data in custom fields.
    6. Reference Business Models in other areas.

    This would something that should exist for the Vision section also!


  • Joe Carpenter
    Sep 14, 2016

    Reviewing this, I don't think that I was as clear as I could have been.
    What we are looking for is the ability to rename/configure the 9 blocks of the Business Model Canvas. For example, Challenge is the 1st block on the left of the Canvas, and we'd like it to align to the standard BMC, which is 'Key Partners'.  While we can manually change it on each and every product, it would be better if we could control the default value from a template POV.


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Joe Carpenter over 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped