Have workflow status change dates refelect the most recent date a status was set

The value of “Status changed to <status X>” for a feature workflow appears to perpetually contain the date of the first time that the status was changes to <status X> rather than the date of the most recent transition to <status X>. If the status subsequently changes to say <status Y> and then on a future date changes back to <status X>, the value of “Status changed to <status X>” remains the original date the status was set to <status X>. This prevents queries from accurately filtering on recent workflow status changes which is very common for tracking workflow progress.

Sometimes features in a product backlog are revisited for market applicability and are updated.  This may necessitate jumping back in a workflow and bringing the feature through a review process again. Without being able to query on the latest date of a status transition, it's very difficult to know which features fall into this category.  Also, if a feature status is set incorrectly forward by accident, even if immediately corrected, the date of that erroneous status transition remains and provides ongoing erroneous search results. e.g. If a status is accidentally set to approved today and then immediate corrected, when the status is accurately set to approved in the future (e.g. a week later), a report will indicate that the feature was approved a week sooner than it was.

  • David Kettinger
  • Aug 6 2016
  • Likely to implement
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