Option to Display Aha Score in Idea Portal

We would like to display the Aha Score and the details of the scorecard in our Idea Portal so that our stakeholders can see how we scored the idea and offer comments with reasons for why they disagree with how we scored an idea. 

  • Jared Mann
  • Jul 11 2016
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  • Jonathan Knights commented
    July 21, 2016 14:43

    Our users often ask us if any other people are having the same issue as they are and if we could explain to them that our custom score includes a factor for how many other user groups are mentioning this it would be of value. IMO, the number of votes does not accomplish this as it does not allow us to provide two-way feedback on what we are hearing by way of the score...

  • Guest commented
    April 13, 2017 07:47

    This would help us in out project where it would be ideal for the submitter to give an indication of the 'score' for their idea in the portal.

    At the moment his would mean this being done manually after submission with fixed fields.

    Having the scorecard 'pop up' when a 'sore your idea' or something like that, button is clicked would be the ideal work around for this temporarily, no need to display the full scorecard on the portal then.

  • Scott Bleasdell commented
    December 29, 2017 21:55

    We have many places/methods by which customers and internal stakeholders log RFEs or Ideas for our products.  We want to change that such that customers log everything on a customer-facing community portal, and all internal stakeholders log ideas into an Aha Ideas Portal.

    For the internal Ideas portal, we want to be very transparent.  We plan to provide admin responses and collaborate with our stakeholders via the portal, but given our breadth of customers and the complexity of our products, we foresee that stakeholders won't understand why an idea that is valid and has a lot of votes and even customer names associated with it isn't getting priority (i.e. is still sitting in the Likely to Implement status) vs. other, lower priority ideas who may have moved beyond that status.

    The reason likely is due to our scoring.  We have a custom scorecard that weighs in 5 "benefit" metrics and 2 "cost" metrics, each with different scales and weights.  When an idea may only benefit a small percentage of our customers but has a high cost, it will score lower than something that benefits more customers and/or has a lower cost to implement.

    Exposing the Aha! Score on the Ideas portal would help our stakeholders understand *why* we are making the decisions we are, without forcing us to constantly defend those decisions through emails or worse, meetings.  Exposing the scorecard to internal stakeholders also helps build confidence and trust in Product Management for those stakeholders - so they know we are being very calculated and comprehensive in our analysis of what things should make it into the product.

  • Bernadette Headd-Williams commented
    26 Oct 09:37

    Whilst ideally you would display the Score and details of the scorecard (read only) on the portal, an option to display the Score only would also be welcome.