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Categories Strategy
Created by Dan Molloy
Created on Jul 7, 2016
Merged idea
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Display "Description" in Vision Diagrams to allow display of traditional SWOT Analysis Merged

For us the "Summary" line that shows in the vision diagrams is not useful as it is too constricting. 

What we really want to use this for is a SWOT analysis with ~4-6 bullet points in each block with our Mission in the middle- current structure doesn't allow this because only the "Summary" is displayed in the diagram- to do this we need the "Description" to have the option to be displayed in the Aha! app and in notebooks.

Something similar to this Wikipedia article with our Mission in the middle: the current setup allows for this setup by choosing 5 elements and rectangle display option but lacks the ability to display the detail in both the main app and notebooks.

  • Dan Molloy
    Jul 7, 2016

    It would also suffice to just turn on the rich text editor function in the summary field.