Hover to see description of status on Ideas in a portal

We need to show our Idea portal users descriptions for the different Idea statuses. This is a common question, since status names are so concise but really important to submitters. We'd like to write a basic description that could appear similar to how the description of a custom field appears when you hover over a ? next to the field in Aha.

Alternately, a place for free text on the portal page, where we could list all the status descriptions would be fine. There is probably some way to do this with custom HTML/CSS in the header, but that's pretty complicated.

  • Chris Humphreys
  • May 19 2016
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  • Tim Brantner commented
    September 27, 2016 00:22

    And this is one reason why I love Aha....I was typing up the exact same idea when this idea popped up in the "recommended" list. Saved me time and effort. vote +1.  Adding to the above request to add weight: This feature has been done already in the product (categories, elsewhere) using the ? icon and that is exactly what is needed/expected here.  Delivering on this request would save countless hours for thousands of employees for explaining exactly what each state/status means. This would also help our customers themselves explaining the meaning of each status to others in their companies. I've already written and iterated/improved many times on the description on each status, only to find out it doesn't get displayed on the idea portal. This is one of those no-brainer requirements (read: easy win) that ends up delivering on an overall great experience.  I'm more than willing to beta test any enhancements in this area.  Note: I am not voting for an alt place for free text on the portal page for this request.  Punting to CSS/HTML as a workaround is not a viable alternative to this solution...needs to be in the product.  It honestly feels like you guys are already 70% there (just need to finish the last 30%).

  • Tim Brantner commented
    September 27, 2016 21:12

    I spoke with Aha support on this idea and I'd like to propose a different way to satisfy this idea....a check box in the status workflow settings area in Aha.  The checkbox would be to display the status descriptions on idea portals via the question mark icons (with the default being off so current Aha customers are not affected/keep their Aha working how it has been). I would expect that it have to be all portals or none of them (no turning it on for one portal and not turning it on for another portal). This would deliver on the requirement and would easier than adding fields (which I would not recommend).