Ability to have a canvas for (bigger) ideas in stead of only at Product level

today it looks like I can only have a canvas at the level of a product. But we are currently using the canvas to make sure a new Idea (that can be a new capability in an existing product) has sufficient business data available to judge the value of it. As far as I can see now I cannot create a Canvas for an idea.  This reduces enormously the way we treat the idea funnel as input stream for our product innovation

  • Hans Janse
  • Mar 17 2016
  • Already exists
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  • Mar 17, 2016

    Admin Response

    It's possible to create an Idea portal which covers multiple products. This can be a way to add ideas which may relate across multiple products or product lines.

    You can set this up through Settings -> Account -> Configure idea portals.

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