Pivot Reports - Sort Cells - Available data values should be limited to only cell values

Since the green Sort Cells option in the Pivot Report only applies to sorting pivot cell values, it would make sense and improve over all usability that only Cell data values appear. Currently, all data values in the report including row and column data values appear. This is misleading as it leads the user to believe that they can also sort on Column and Row data values which isn't the case. 

There is a separate idea already submitted to be able to sort on Columns and Rows. But, until that day comes, this is a usability safeguard to prevent misleading users to believe they can also sort on pivot column and row values. 

  • Matt Case
  • Mar 16 2016
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  • Joe Carpenter commented
    March 17, 2016 05:24

    I LOVE this idea and think it is the bomb.com  Please make this a reality soon so my users stop trying to sort things that are fundamentally unsortable. Thanks!