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Status Future consideration
Categories Trello
Created by Angus Davis
Created on Oct 13, 2015

Better error handling when Trello card to move across boards

It is common practice for teams to have multiple Trello Boards. For example, in our organization, we have our "current development" board with Next Up, In Progress, Awaiting Validation, Completed ... and but like any product organization, you do not want an endless list of cards in the Completed List. So, as is common, we move Trello Cards from "Completed" to another Trello Board that holds work we completed in a given time frame. 

Currently, when a Trello card is moved off the integrated Trello Board, Aha throws an error with an error message that is not helpful. The error message is, "Event 'webhook' failed due to an unhandled error" 

Throwing this error gives Aha users the perception the Trello integration is broken. Instead, it would be better if this were not recorded as an "error" but instead just a warning message. Also, a more descriptive message would be something like, "Card moved to unknown Board [ name of board]" instead of this error message. 

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