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Add "Release Phase End Quarter" to the column options for Pivot Tables Merged

I need to see Products, Releases, and Phases ending by Quarter.

A standard report shows products (in rows) and quarters (in columns) with releases in the cells.

You can add Release to the you get Product, then any releases...and the logical cell contents would be Phases.

But because the column is Release End Date you don't get any granularity.

So adding "Release Phase End Quarter" as an option for columns would help immensely.

If you put Release Phase End there now you get columns that are specific dates...October 15, 2015, January 7, 2015...

In other words, bucket by Release Phase End Date.

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  • Oct 12 2015
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Release time frame
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    12 Oct, 2015 11:42pm

    Really, any date field added as a column should have the option to display as an exact date, months, quarters, years etc. Choose your level of bucketing...