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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases Reports
Created by Dru Clegg
Created on Apr 13, 2018

Allow group for pivot on repeat release phase names

Right now record values that are consistent are only grouped together if they have a relationship or a common selected value. For those that have the same value manually entered with no relationship, they are included as separate records in a pivot (separate rows or columns) even if they have the exact same name. 

It would be valuable to pivot on release phases across all releases that have the same release phase names and milestones. This is particularly valuable when using a release template or copying from an existing release and all releases have the same phases/process. I want to show the consistent date sets across several releases -- like, when in QA, code freeze, internal delivery, etc. It is the same for each release so it doesn't make sense why showing them in a pivot would be separate. I don't want to have to add custom fields for this when it's captured already on my release roadmap/overview.

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