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Created by Daniel Lowe
Created on Oct 6, 2015

Feature Creator Being Able to 'Lock' the Due Date

We would love to be able to gain some statistics on how well our team members are doing with the features assigned to them. This is so Team Managers can see how well people are doing picking up assigned Features in  how often they are completing them on time. This is because we are trying to use Aha to drive good behaviours on projects. Ideally we would like something along the lines of:

1) Adding the capability of The Creator of the feature being able to lock the due date of the feature so they are the only ones who can change it.

2) Being able to pull the statistic of how often a person has put the feature into completed status on or before the due date.

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  • Ron Yang
    Dec 19, 2015

    Its currently possible to create reports which compare Due Dates vs. when the feature has actually been completed. You can do this through the Reports -> List table.

    Create a report with the following columns:

    • Feature name
    • Feature due date
    • Feature assigned to
    • Features status
    • Feature last status change

    You can also use filters to on specific users, time frames, as well as status changes only related to "Shipped." This should allow you to have greater insight into how the team is performing vs. due dates.

    In regards to locking the due date, we currently do not have plans to make changes in this area. We feel that situations like this should use an external process of enforcement where the team should know that only certain people should be allowed to change the feature due date. I hope you can understand.