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Option to Include Capacity Bar in Features -> Roadmap View Merged

As part of providing a more complete picture for each planned release that you are showing in the Features -> Roadmap View, add the option to "Customize Releases" to display the same capacity bar that appears above releases in the Features -> Board for visibility into the overall capacity picture and whether the release date may be in jeopardy if the capacity is showing as being overloaded. 

This request originated with Elad at VizExplorer

  • Matt Case
  • Sep 3 2015
  • Shipped
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  • Elad Messing commented
    September 03, 2015 15:29

    Thanks Matt. Yes, as part of reporting progress, a traffic light is a great tool to summarize "are we on track". While a burn-chart could provide similar information, it is overwhelming for some and more than often requires an explanation.

    In addition I would suggest to have the capacity bar communicate "red" if, during a release, the capacity remaining is lower than the capacity required to complete all stories in the release.
    This will suggest the PM to take action - either reduce the scope of the release, and ask to increase capacity. 
    (nice bonus for that - send an email alert to the product owner when capacity turns red on a release)