Tag Separation by Product

I have a number of different products all of which require their own tags. Each product is sufficiently different that a tag in product one would not make sense in product two. Currently I can see all of the tags for product two in product one and vice-versa. This leads to a lot of redundant tags in each product that have no meaning, are causing confusion and a lot of scrolling to find the correct tag information. Could have it that tags are available across products or that can be assigned to be specific to a product?

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  • Jul 21 2015
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  • Cy Caine commented
    October 08, 2015 17:05

    We need this. The number of tags in our system has become overwhelming due to the needs of 8 different product groups.

  • Chad Hilton commented
    October 30, 2017 22:02

    There is a need for this however I would say it also needs to be balanced with the ability to optionally see the tags that are used throughout our Aha! deployment.

  • Marina Reyna commented
    December 04, 2017 21:41


  • Guest commented
    December 06, 2017 15:21

    We need this. Too many redundant tags floating around. Ideal to have tags that can be filtered by product / release.

  • Marina Reyna commented
    December 21, 2017 14:26

    Any ETA?

  • Marina Reyna commented
    February 07, 2018 14:09

    We are experiencing the same issues.

  • Michael Cannon commented
    November 11, 2018 16:56

    Very much need this, as we would like to have idea portals for multiple products and then be able to manage the ideas that both portal users and internal operation are using. Product managers on one product are less like to use tags or use them well when they are always seen in filtering and other situations at the account level. This creates a lot of noise and is a disincentive to use for multiple products in an enterprise and is influencing organization's decision to commit to this product beyond our department.

  • Klaus Roder commented
    December 13, 2018 04:40

    agree a 100% ... we are a large aha client, have multiple products that we manage (literally 100'tes) and it gets really cumbersome with all of the tags across all of the products. In an ideal case, I would like to have the option to share tags for certain fields across the aha! deployment OR just for a certain product.

  • Guest commented
    January 24, 2019 22:16

    We need this as well. Please make this enhancement!

  • Lukas Manka commented
    January 25, 2019 14:45

    Agree 100% + 10

  • Laura Christopherson commented
    January 25, 2019 17:52

    We need this, super beneficial to us!

  • Tyler Huerter commented
    January 31, 2019 16:54

    This feature is needed to ensure continued adoption of the tool among 4 different product teams and many more products. 

  • Rich Julius commented
    December 02, 2019 16:48

    At this point, the read-ahead only shows tags starting with "a" or "b" because 9 product teams all have their own tags. But we also need some shared tags (across products) as well, to support certain standards.

  • Rich Julius commented
    December 02, 2019 16:50

    We currently have several product management teams all using their own tags. But we also need to share some tags across the teams for certain shared standards (portfolio reporting especially).

  • Guest commented
    December 02, 2019 18:39

    With the three merged ideas, this feature is well articulated and is needed. Administration of Aha! would be simplified/easier to support Product and Portfolio Managers.  More important, the alignment/ precision in creating and using tags amongst many participants is focused.