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Often if there is an issue with a feature I will add a screen shot that I've grabbed from the dev region to show the developer what to change.  I save the image to clipboard and then copy to the email body.  It's a lot quicker than adding a file.  I'd like to be able to see this capability in the text box as opposed to having to manually add a file.  It adds some operational efficiencies and keeps things in one place as part of the to-do.

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  • Jul 13 2015
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  • Guest commented
    August 24, 2015 20:21

    By the way this works in JIRA.  Can you follow a similar model?

  • Guest commented
    October 02, 2015 19:41

    Thanks for the response.  Basically I'm looking to copy/paste using CTRL/V into the text box.  This works in other apps, so I don't have to worry about saving things to file-systems and then uploading.  See the screen shot.

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    Ron Yang commented
    October 05, 2015 15:46

    If you click on the image (so that it is selected), you should be able to click CTRL/C and then CTRL/V into the same of a different text box to paste it. Does this work for you?

  • Guest commented
    October 05, 2015 17:38

    Thanks Ron. Unfortunately not. To re-state; I have a graphic already copied and in the clipboard. I want to simply CTRL/V into the textbox (in this example the Cancel Event button is the graphic). The textbox doesn’t display it.


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    Ron Yang commented
    October 05, 2015 18:12

    Ah I see. Just as a last clarification - is this a graphic which you had copied in Aha!, or from elsewhere?

  • Guest commented
    October 05, 2015 18:41

    Thanks for the quick response Ron.

    It’s a graphic that I screen-shot externally so it’s just sitting in the clipboard. JIRA supports this so if you have access to it; just grab a screenshot and then CTRL/V into it. That’s the experience I was hoping for.

    Thanks - Steve

  • Guest commented
    October 29, 2015 11:58

    @Ron - any update.  I don't think the status reflected here is correct?

  • Guest commented
    January 03, 2016 01:50

    @Ron - any updates?  I would've expected others to want this behavior... it's a unnecessary click and alot of other web-apps take care of it automatically.

  • Andrei P commented
    July 06, 2016 12:55

    here here, strange its not in the interface as per what ron is doing. not sure you can call this shipped.

  • Andrei P commented
    July 06, 2016 12:57

    ps i did not see, so i had created an idea already  ie 

  • Guest commented
    August 07, 2016 00:29

    Can we re-verify this feature?  I don't believe it exists so needs to be move back from shipped.  We're looking for copy/paste capabilities directly into the text box the same way other tools work.  I don't want to have to save what I have on a clipboard and then attach...