Save series color customization in chart editor

In the chart editor, I am customizing the series (in this case, feature statuses) colors such that different groups of statuses are represented by certain colors (yellow, orange, green and blue). When a new status is added to the chart (because a feature has been moved into that status, not because someone added a new status to the workflow), it displaces the coloration that I previously set for the other statuses. I would prefer that the new status is assigned a new color without impacting the color I've already set for the other statuses. In addition, I would like for the statuses (in the series) to save the color setting so that if a status disappears and reappears from time to time (due to features moving in and out of the status) I won't lose the customization I set previously. 

See screenshots of the same chart on 4/17 and 4/23. The "new" status is Pending Dev Review in the 4/23 screenshot. This should be orange, but it shouldn't have changed Ready for Development to Green (from orange), Ready for Release to Blue (from green), and Released to Red (from blue). I have since changed it to orange and would like for that color scheme for the entire series to be saved as is.

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  • Apr 23 2019
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  • Laura Giles commented
    02 May 02:58

    My color settings are discarded for random colors every time a new status appears, and even then, they don't align from 1 report to the next. Worse, the colors reset when I refresh w/out even changing the dataset.  I cannot believe this is working as intended as it's a major fail to be able to select colors but the product doesn't use them.