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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Kelly Sebes
Created on Oct 28, 2020

Allow portal users to manually select their language

With Aha! Ideas Advanced the ideas portal can now support multiple languages. The portal will automatically detect a user's browser language and display the portal in that language (assuming the language is enabled for the portal).

However, some users may not have their browser set to their actual preferred language due to IT or other restrictions. It would be great to let the portal user pick their language in the portal manually. Perhaps add a user profile setting or a flag selector at the top of the portal.

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    Aug 12, 2022

    We use your software to support our clients in different countries. We were told that this feature already existed when we purchased it. This is not the case and it is making us consider changing platform.

    Detecting browser language is not good enough. The user should have a choice to switch to their preferred language.

    You should not assume that detecting browser language is better than providing a user with a choice.

    Since you already have the resource files. The major translation work is done. Allow the client to pick the language irrespective of their browser language.

    Consider a user who is travelling and working on a hotel computer or a friend's PC, they will not want to change the browser language as it is not their device.

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