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Created by Josh Glasser
Created on Sep 15, 2020

Automation - Support for updating scorecard values

We use Scorecard ranking to prioritize which features should be worked on for each release. Problem is that we have thousands of tasks, features, bugs and nearly impossible for us to rank every feature.

We upgraded to enterprise+ because we wanted to leverage automation to help with this but later learned that the scorecards fields are not supported in automation.

Please consider this as it would save significant time for us.

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  • Josh Glasser
    Sep 21, 2020

    Hi Austin,

    We leverage the scorecard to help us rank and prioritize features however due to the volume, its hard to set scorecard values for thousands of tickets and to even keep up.

    Here are some key desired use cases:

    1. When a user adds a tag that matches a list of a certain values, we want to set a scorecard metric value.

      1. Ex 1: If tag "Acme Computer" is added to a feature, set the scorecard metric "Contract Value" to a rank of 5.

    2. If a Custom Field "Product Component" matches any in a list "Portal User Management", or "Login Page", set the scorecard metric "Scalability" value to 5.

    3. If feature's custom field "Competitors" has atleast 3 competitors selected, set Competitive advantage scorecard metric value to 3

    4. A continuous running cron job (at least daily) that checks the feature's last updated or last comment date, if it has not been modified or commented in the last 6 months, set the Urgency scorecard metric to 3. Then have an OR condition that if it has been over a year, then set urgency to 1.

    5. During feature creation, If feature's custom field component matches any value in a list, assign the feature to a specific user (we call a component lead).

    6. multiple condition checks

      1. If a feature score is greater than 40 AND feature status matches Need Estimates or Ready for Dev, move to the priority backlog (release).

    hope this helps

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Sep 16, 2020

    Thank you for your idea. I was hoping you could share a bit more detail around the type of automation you would want to setup using scorecards. Would you want to update particular scorecard metrics based on some particular actions happening on the feature? Thanks!