Enable Reporting on notes data (Info > Notes)

Reporting on notes would be valuable for supporting the maintenance of a large scale knowledge base. Suggested fields include the following:

  • Note / header name

  • Parent header (if nested)

  • Created by

  • Created on

  • Last updated by

  • Last updated on (e.g. most recent version date)

  • Page views (last n days or months - TBD)

Example use case:

  • Create a list report of knowledge base notes sorted in descending order of "Last updated on" to gain quick insight into kb articles that could be stale and need to be reviewed and refreshed.

  • Matt Case
  • May 11 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Natalie Lias commented
    14 Sep 12:02pm

    Example use case 2: I need to see all notes linked to me across workspaces (not just notes where I am the author).

    So this would need an extra suggested field of "linked users" - I guess you could use "watchers" as a structured field more easily, that would have the same effect.