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Status Future consideration
Created by Nerissa Muijs
Created on Apr 28, 2022

Add in-line comments to aha! views (reports) in notes

Currently we use MS Word for a lot of our reporting, and we would like to make the switch to notes to share our status updates thanks to the dynamic reporting and aha! views that we can embed and update on the fly.

However, we also make extensive use of the commenting feature in Word, which works very well for native note content, but it is not possible to comment in-line to aha! views, like list reports.

Even though we can drill down into the records on the report, we want to be able to have multiple team members collaborating on the note at the same time (we all read the doc together, add comments and resolve them in the session).

If this in-line commenting feature could be added to the aha! views it would simplify our output make our experience much more collaborative.

    May 23, 2024

    We just released a new feature that makes it easier to gather feedback from stakeholders with in-line comments on top of Aha! views in whiteboards. You can now export an Aha! view to a whiteboard from the Export menu in the top right corner.

    Resize your view to show the entire report or roadmap within the whiteboard, and add annotations or in-line comments on top of your views.

    You can learn more here!

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Allow inline comments for Pivots and Lists

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Laura Chinellato about 2 years ago in Notes 0 Future consideration