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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Kelly Sebes
Created on Mar 2, 2020

Report on adoption of our standards and templates

We would like to know how much each product has adopted our standard processes, fields, and templates.

Some of this can be done using pivot tables and calculated columns today, but it is challenging. We are currently taking screenshots or sharing snapshot views in presentations.

For example:

  • Usage of each strategy page

  • Number of releases and features

  • Are features tied to strategy

  • Are releases created from a template release

  • Number of features with a value in a specific custom field

  • Integration set up and activity

  • Users (by role)

  • Attach files
  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Mar 9, 2020

    Also, there could be some approval of tasks so that when a PO adjusts strategy or make requested changes, a task would pop up to supervisor / lead PO to review and accept changes.. That would seal it from the other end. Push/pull.

  • Daniel Pokrývka
    Mar 9, 2020

    Excellent idea. I am currently driving the aha adoption in our company and appreciate this concept. However, nearly everything from the list of items mentioned by Kelly can be done via reports (compile them in notebook, use custom field formulas).

    Exception is strategy usage based on page access statistics and integrations statistics. For the latter, some integrations health monitoring could be created, for the former.. Frankly, quality is more than quantity for me.. And strategy is greatly important.. To be understood throughout company both vertically and horizontally.

    So I guess I would propose running regular check-ins with POs/PMs to update on strategy changes. What I think might improve overall adoption is some cross product dashboard with tasks. E.g. monthly update of epics, monthly review of strategy.. Assign it per product owner and see their activity by completing this tasks.

    Actually.. When I think of it.. There could be a product for your product function where such tasks could be created and assigned.. Workaround? Maybe.. But a product is a product is a product. But only between product managers.. :-)

  • Guest
    Mar 7, 2020

    We have a similar use case - we have outlined a set of standards for our users in terms of field and report usage; however, its difficult to audit these standards in an automated fashion. Today, we have to create several reports to check on different fields and its primarily done manually.

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