Filter on updated_at for ideas using the API

Currently, the Aha! API allows for filtering on the created date via the “created_since” and “created_before” parameters in most types of API calls. What we’d like is the ability to filter on the updated date with a “updated_since” and “updated_before” parameter. Optionally it would also be nice if making a bulk “GET” request (e.g. GET /api/v1/ideas) returned the timestamp for the most recent update, as currently only the creation timestamp is returned. Having the ability to quickly filter on updated date would allow us to be much more comprehensive in our various projects without requiring exhaustive re-querying of the API to get the datasets we need.

  • William Hansch
  • Jan 28 2020
  • Already exists
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  • Jan 28, 2020

    Admin Response

    It is currently possible to filter on updated_at for ideas via the API. You can use the updated_since parameter to retrieve ideas updated since a particular timestamp. You can also fetch the timestamp of the idea’s last update by supplying updated_at to the fields parameter.

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  • William Hansch commented
    29 Jan 06:38pm

    Thanks, this is very helpful. - Could it also be added to the documentation?