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Categories Account settings
Created by Joe Carpenter
Created on Aug 22, 2019

Configure Custom Layouts - Display Product Lines and Products that are *NOT* assigned to a given Layout

Currently Aha shows me all of my Product Lines and Products that have a custom layout applied to them.
I manage a very large portfolio, and therefore I need to know what Product Lines and Products do not have a Custom layout applied (i.e. what did I miss?)

Seems like this is an easy fix, is this possible?

(same rationale applies in similar areas such as Releases)

    Apr 17, 2020

    A new 'Workspace settings' report is available in Aha!

    • To quickly access the report, go to Settings > Workspace and click the new 'View report' link in the left navigation

    • You can then customize the report to add and remove columns for different settings and add filters

    • Switch to the pivot view to see the workspaces organized into the product hierarchy

    • Click on a setting to go straight to the settings page to change it

    If there is more you would like to do with this report, please submit an idea to let us know!

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