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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Mary Carrigan
Created on Sep 16, 2020

Allow non-admin product owners to select the custom layout when creating a new workspace

This appears to be the current process - can this be made leaner?

  • Non-admins create new workspaces

  • Admin identifies workspaces which don't have the correct custom layout

  • Admin manually adds the correct custom layout (I didn't find a way to bulk edit this section)

  • Non-admins need to go back to complete the 'new' fields

Possible solutions:

  • Allow non-admins to change settings when creating the new space

  • Or, for all workspace types which non-admins are able to add, allow default custom layouts to reduce the amount of re-work

Workaround at this time appears to be to add non-required custom fields to parent lines, and enable inheritance so these populate at lower levels - but does this not defeat the value of custom layouts?

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