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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Guest
Created on May 29, 2024

Ability to format (add a WYSIWYG) column descriptions of Now, Next, Later roadmap

What is the challenge?

I want to include hyperlinks and use bold and italic formatting to the column description of the Now, Next, Later roadmap so we can emphasize certain things and create links to related documentation.

What is the impact?

This will impact our entire customer base

Describe your idea

We love the Now, Next, Later roadmap and it will soon replace our current '3-column=3 upcoming releases' roadmap which is part of our customer facing roadmap presentation. That presentation includes a 'roadmap' aka initiative-based feature list of the previous 3 releases so we can share what has already been released as well. But frankly, it's ugly, so I played around with the Now, Next, Later roadmap and created a view for the previous 3 releases that looks exactly like the upcoming 3-release view - yay! However, the current ugly view allows for formatting in the column description so we can post links to the applicable Release Notes. No can do with the Now, Next, Later roadmap. Hence, the ask: to have a consistent as well as informative roadmap presentation.

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