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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Sylwia Zalinska
Created on Mar 8, 2024

Allow (clickable) hyperlinks in webpage reports and roadmaps

Who would benefit?

All Sales and client facing teams using our roadmaps

What impact would it make?

Sales and client-facing teams often complain they can't easily download or get to resources linked to shipped (or soon-to-be-shipped) roadmap initiatives, forcing them to copy and paste descriptions or manually searching for related collateral that help in selling the solution to customers. By allowing us to hyperlink to resources directly from the record description via webpage URL, we could be able to have everything in one place, making the connection between our roadmaps and communication of them to customers absolutely seamless.

How should it work?

Allow users of webpage URL version of reports and roadmaps click and open hyperlinked text of certain record field.

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