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Created on Mar 11, 2024

Microsoft Teams Copilot Integration

Who would benefit?

Product Managers

What impact would it make?

PdMs would benefit to have line-of-sight for updates that could impact them and their system of responsibility (“Copilot, tell me when the networking team will be upgrading their externally facing router and firewall configuration).

Advantages we see include the ability to ask questions from within a chat window and update an Aha feature from within Microsoft Teams (such as a Teams meeting).

How should it work?

Specifically, we’re interested in a “Copilot Plugin”.

We would like to have the ability to ask questions about the data in Aha with respect to status /progress of a work item (“percentage of progress for feature ABC?”), release dates (“When is feature XYZ to be released?”), and maybe the aggregation of features to be released (“Copilot, tell me all of the features to be released by Collaboration team prior to March 29th, 2024”.)

Users would also have the ability to see release dates for features, which is one of the feedback items we hear constantly from our user community, without requiring an Aha license. (“Copilot, tell me when EY ET will release the Teams Premium feature in Microsoft Teams.”)

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